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Neve Brielle

16 Jan

Remember Neve?  here are a few more from her shoot with her loving big sister (and a few with Mom and Dad).

The Ridiculously Adorable Neve Brielle – Sneak Peek

10 Jan

Born on the first day of winter, it’s only fitting that Neve was named as such; Neve means snow.

Today, I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph Neve as well as her caring big sister, here’s one from our time.

Jay McIntyre Photography Neve Brielle Sneak Peek

Visual Word Of The Day – Lickerish

10 Jan

Lickerish – lik-er-ish –adjective Archaic .


fond of and eager for choice food.
Jay McIntyre Photography - Lickerish

Visual Word Of The Day – Byzantine

9 Jan

byzantine – \ BIZ-uhn-teen \  , adjective;

Complex or intricate.
Characterized by elaborate scheming and intrigue, esp. for the gaining of political power or favor.
Jay McIntyre Photography byzantine

I do not choose to further elaborate.

More Toronto Night Shooting

4 Jan

Just in case I haven’t mentioned it before, I really like to get out at night to do some shooting!  Even when it’s really cold.  Last weekend, it was really cold.  Really, really cold.  But I went out anyway.

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