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Not Only Did I Throw A Contest, But I Won One Too!

29 Dec

I thoroughly enjoyed running a contest last month where I was able use Facebook and Twitter to give away a print.  I am also going to be giving away a print to one of my Facebook fans or “likers” once I reach 200 and likewise with my Twitter followers.

During all of this I also entered a contest. is a company that sells and host websites, they recently threw a contes to win their latest template and all of it’s add ons (html version, iPhone version, etc).  The contest was to send them a black and white image of yourself puckered up.  I did.  I won!  So now I have a brand new website for you to go have a look at, you can do that by clicking here

Apparently my wife is not the only one who finds my kisses irresistible

Boxing day sale

26 Dec

Completely random decision, but seeing as it is boxing day, I’ve decided that anyone who books a session with me for the next week will pay half price! The session does not need to take place this coming week, you just need to book with me. For packages please see my pricing page (weddings will only be discounted 20%). To book contact me at

James, Jaclyn And Nathan

7 Dec

It’s not often that you can pay me with food, In fact you can’t. (but I won’t discourage your efforts) Jaclyn is quite possibly one of the best cooks I have ever met, and on many occasions, she has provided our family with some of that yummy goodness, sometimes when we’ve been in a bind, sometimes to say thank you, but all the time with a great deal of love.  Nathan was born 5 days after our Nathan, James and Jaclyn had already settled on his name but weren’t telling anyone, so when we told them the name that we had picked out, they were hoping for our baby to come out as Nathalie.  Since then, we have enjoyed they’re company and friendship and after all the meals, I had to get them some shots.



Of course it's not always all fun and games

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