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Beautiful Bala Night And It’s Star Trails

21 Aug

Last week was family vacation week as we joined the in-law side of the family at “Uncle Ken’s Cottage” for the week. Insert in-law jokes here (most are applicable). It was a great time and I captured a number of great images, but most of my images are just for me and my family. I did, however, find the opportunity to sit on the dock and enjoy a cigar while capturing my first ever star trail image.

jay McIntyre Photography Bala Star Trails


Some From The Fall

27 Oct

I love the fall and all of the mood that it provides, but I always find that it passes to quickly.  Often I find myself believing that I’ve missed my opportunity to capture the fall, but in reality, it’s with us for quite some time.

I took some time this past week to grab a few images, here they are:

Jay McIntyre Photography Sunset Muskoka Jay McIntyre Photography Woodshed Jay McIntyre Photography A Couple Of Trees Jay McIntyre Photography Barn Jay McIntyre Photography Corn Jay McIntyre Photography Downed Jay McIntyre Photography Sillohuette Jay McIntyre Photography Dew On GrassJay McIntyre Photography Dew On Leaf

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