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Two Prints And Their Proceeds Devoted To Africa Arise

31 Mar

Now I Lay Me Jay McIntyre Photography Africa AriseLoveable Jay McIntyre Photography Africa Arise

I’m in the middle of putting together a full proposal for a foundation that I hope will do some tremendous work in the future.  As things get developed I am initiating the beginning phase of the foundation by devoting all of the proceeds from the sales of two of my prints to benefit the ministry of Africa Arise.

Last weekend I was a part of a fundraising Arts night for Africa Arise.  I donated two framed prints to be sold at the fundraiser.  The events of that night and the story of the Acholi people of Uganda had a profound effect on me.  The takeaway for me from the event was that the easiest way to get in the way of injustice is to tell the story.  If people knew the stories of injustice, they would be compelled to stand up for justice.  I don’t want to say too much about my foundation as there is still plenty to sort out, but Shutters For Change will further dedicate these two images to raising funds and awareness for social justice.  Stay tuned.

If you are interested in purchasing prints of either of these photographs, please contact me by email at info(at)jmphotographyonline.ca or visit my website

Manifest Moves Issues

14 Jul

Manifest Communications works with non-profit organizations, corporations,
and governments. Their non-profit clients include charitable organizations, public institutions in healthcare and education, and professional associations. Their corporate clients are throughout North America. Their government clients are at all levels, federal to municipal.

Mainfest recently moved locations and in doing so they wanted to remind people that Manifest moves issues.

Giant cardboard letters were constructed to represent the issues that demand attention and change, a team of people then participated in Toronto’s first issue parade as the issues moved from their old office, through the streets of downtown Toronto, to their new offices.

Here are some of the images.

As you look at these images, ask yourself, what are the issues that you want to move.

The Toronto Star Article along with video can be seen here

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