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Visual Word Of The Day – Ruction

19 Aug

\ RUHK-shuhn \  , noun;

A disturbance, quarrel, or row.
Jay McIntyre Photography - Ruction
I’m not saying how the words “Old Folks” made it out of my mouth, but man did a ruction ever arise!

Zpittz Photoshoot

17 Aug

Zpittz is a Toronto Alternative/Punk band who are getting ready to release an EP.  They recently contacted me to do some shooting for the EP and some promo material. We met at their rehearsal space and got some shots in the nearby area.  These guys are a lot of fun,a s you are no doubt supposed to be when you are a band trying to make it.  The difference is, I don’t think they’ll turn into knobs when they do make it.  Check out some of their stuff at

Visual Word Of The Day – Incunabulum

16 Aug

Incunabulum – \ in-kyoo-NAB-yuh-luhm \  , noun;

The earliest stages or first traces of anything.
Extant copies of books produced in the earliest stages (before 1501) of printing from movable type.
Jay McIntyre Photography - incunabulum
In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word Was God.

Visual Word Of The Day – Balneal

15 Aug

Balneal \ bal-NEE-uhl \  , adjective;
Of or pertaining to baths or bathing.

Jay McIntyre Photography Bathtime

You probably don’t want to just grab a dish from our sink.

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