Why the Name jmphotography?
Because my name is Jay McIntyre and this is my photography.  Kind of a no brainer, not that I’m suggesting you have no brain for asking, um, let’s move on shall we.

Do you prefer to do portraiture or for print work?

I want to do studio shots can you do that?
yes but there is an additional charge for studio work, please contact me with your concept and we will work it out together.

do you do make up?
Not since that time in junior…Oh, you mean make up for your shoot.  No, you will need to do your own make up or hire a make up artist.  Sorry for the confusion and mental image.

I have an idea for a shoot but it doesn’t fit into the packages you offer.
Is that a question?  Just kidding, what is your idea? I’m sure we can work something out?

I am a model who is just building my portfolio, do you do TFP/TFCD?
Knock my socks off with a concept and we can talk.

Why do you have links to other photographers on your link page?
Because they are really good, If I am not the right photographer for you, you will not be happy with your final product.  Believe it or not, I just want you to be happy.

Any other questions, please leave them in the comments.

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