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Visual Word Of The Day – Stentorian

29 Oct

Stentorian – \sten-TOR-ee-uhn\ , adjective;


Extremely loud.

This is actually a part of an amazing art exhibit located on Leona Dr. in North York. The exhibit is called the Leona Project and it is a part of Toronto International Art Fair. The exhibit is a Biography of the area that has been known as Willowdale, Lansing and Newtonbrook, located in North York. For more information on the Leona Project, please visit the site

I will also post some other pictures from the exhibit, but if you get a chance, you should really see it for yourself before it closes on Saturday. It’s quite the piece of work.

While the Car never really crashed into the window of a small bungalow on Leona Dr. had it, the whole thing would have been a stentorian experience.

Visual Word Of The Day – Fugacious

19 Oct

Fugacious – \fyoo-GAY-shuhs\ , adjective:

Lasting but a short time; fleeting.

I believe this one is self explanatory

Nathan Alexander McIntyre- 1 Month

16 Oct

Nathan may be the cutest 1 month old i know right now, but then again, I could just be a little biased. Even still, I doubt you’ll find a baby who is as laid back and easy going as he was in these pictures. Here’s hoping that carries into adolescence and beyond.



Visual Word Of The Day – Fetor

15 Oct

Fetor – \FEE-tuhr; FEE-tor\ , noun:

A strong, offensive smell; stench.

Just as the McIntyres came to terms with their triskaidekaphobia, they were met with the fetor of it’s roots.

P.S. I really hope that, this is the last diaper picture, but the opportunity could not be passed up.

Visual Word Of The Day – Triskaidekaphobia

13 Oct

Triskadekaphobia – \tris-ky-dek-uh-FOH-bee-uh\ , noun:

Fear or a phobia concerning the number 13.

Meeting the revolving diaper needs of a newborn has lead to a severe case of triskadekaphobia in the McIntyre household.

Visual Word Of The Day – Descry

11 Oct

dih-SKRY\ , transitive verb:

To catch sight of, especially something distant or obscure; to discern.

To discover by observation; to detect.

Only by great strain could I descry my wife as she sped away toward Turkey dinner. Who would get a ticket quicker? Her doing 130 or me taking a picture of it? Of course either would require being descried by the O.P.P.

Visual Word Of The Day – Convival

9 Oct

\kuhn-VIV-ee-uhl\ , adjective:

Fond of feasting, drinking, and good company; sociable.

Merry; festive.

What? That’s not how you eat your breakfast?

Visual Word Of The Day

8 Oct

If you are familiar with you are aware of the word of the day. Simply put they give you a random, and rarely used word along with it’s definition and a few uses. I thought it might be fun to try and conceptualize the words on days that I can find/make the time. Since I have an hour for lunch, I hope to do so somewhat regularly. We’ll see.

Today was difficult for a couple of reasons, one was the difficulty of containing my giggles (I’m such a 12 yr old boy) the other was hopping in front of the camera. Unlike Right Said Fred, I am not a model.

\TIT-uh-vayt\ , transitive and intransitive verb:


To make decorative additions to; spruce.

intransitive verb:


To make oneself smart or spruce.

The glasses and deep thought clearly titivated Jay’s appearance.

Grammatical corrections are welcomed.

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