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No Loitering

30 Jul

I spent some time at the beach on the way home the other night. I was down by the waterworks getting ready to set up a shot and then I noticed some crazy lightning on the water. I thought for a brief moment that I may want to try to capture that, and then I thought about the metal tripod and my stature as the most exposed object in an very wide open space. I got back to the car. Quickly.

Here’s a fun image that I did get.

I guess it’s not very beachy. But it is the message that the lightning seemed to be giving me.

Don’t Text And Drive

28 Jul

It occured to me as I took this first shot, that if there are going to be hefty tickets for using a cell phone while driving, I probably shouldn’t be snapping off pictures while I am on the highway. Oh well, i liked the outcome.

The second shot is an ongoing quest, I love the look of these Condo development near McCowan and Ellesemere, and I am searching for the perfect night shot of it, as I was exploring the area last night, a bus went by at just the right time.

Toronto City Mission Photography Workshop

23 Jul

I was given the opportunity today to do a little workshop with a couple of the Boys from the Toronto City Mission Summer Camp. They were each given a Nikon Coolpix camera to use for the day and we went over some basics of photography. I explained a little bit about the eye and the camera, went over some basics of light and spoke a bit about what the camera is doing with the iso/aperture/exposure on each of the auto settings. Then I sent them off to capture. After that, I introduced them to Picnik and they got really excited about being able to edit their own pictures. Apparently taking pictures and playing with them, post production is more fun than listening to some guy talk about the exposure triangle. Who knew?

here are a few shots from the day, as well as some of their shots (post production)

What’s with the droplets? haha
I can’t wait to do this again.

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Trevor And Zuzka Engagement

20 Jul

From dark clouds to broken lenses to potato canon malfunctions, this shoot saw it all, and we had real fun doing it. We did take two runs at it, but they were well worth the effort, and they even agreed to do the handstand shot (I won’t tell you who had a more difficult time with that, it would embarrass him).
Congratulations guys! here’s looking ahead to the big day.

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Starbucks Gallery

18 Jul

Can I tell you how excited I am to be on display?! I’m not actually sure that I can do it with words. I’ve actually spoken with a few different Starbucks locations, and will be putting my stuff on their walls as well. Right now the Starbucks at Yonge and Avondale has agreed to show my photography for a month, from there, the work is supposed to move to the location at Bathurst and Wilson, and then The Beach location next spring. These are the pictures that are on display right now. So what do you do once you start getting a little public exposure?
I was finishing up Trevor and Zuska’s engagement shoot today (pics to be posted soon) and as we were setting up a shot, a lady came up to me and said “Are you like a ‘real’ photographer?” hmmm, well I am on display…….

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New Website And Blog

17 Jul

There’s a whole lot happening in the life of jmphotography. This week has seen my first engagement shoot (Shots to appear here shortly) My first hanging of work, and the launch of the new site and this blog. I had the opportunity to shoot the engagement of my good friend Trevor and his beautiful fianc√© Zuska, and as I said some of those shots will be up soon. They were the perfect couple for a first time engagement shoot! Starbucks at Yonge and Avondale (Sheppard) has given me space to hang my work. I’ve also talked to a couple of other locations and have secured space for futer showings. And fianally, the new site is up! I’m still in the stage where I would prefer not to pay for hosting, is the perfect solution for that. you can check out my new site here

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