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Contest Winners Photoshoot

27 Jun

Remember the contest I put together? Well Laura submitted the winning entry and we did a photoshoot the night before the QR Code event.  They had already had an eventful day and the kids were a little tired, but we had a fun walk and were able to get some nice shots.  Don’t be surprised if you see some more of them in the future…

Veloso Family Jay McIntyre PhotographyVeloso Family Jay McIntyre PhotographyVeloso Family Jay McIntyre PhotographyVeloso Family Jay McIntyre PhotographyVeloso Family Jay McIntyre PhotographyVeloso Family Jay McIntyre Photography

Contest – Jay McIntyre Photography and Youth Unlimited North York *Update contest closing extended

19 Mar

* UPDATE!!! the contest has been extended for a week to close on May 7th

Here’s a chance to be a part of something that is literally huge! Like Guinness Book Of World Records Huge!

On June 16th, 2012 Youth Unlimited North York is putting together the worlds largest QR code as a fundraising initiative. What’s a QR code??? check out the Wikipedia entry here you can read more about the event at theqrcode.ca

The qr code, once assembled will hold the record as the largest Qr Code ever built and will be submitted to the Guinness Book Of World Records

I love the work that Youth Unlimited does so when I saw the opportunity to sponsor the event, I jumped on it. I’ve decided to go one step further in promoting it though by throwing this contest.

First the task:

Post your most creative image incorporating a scannable image of the Youth Unlimited QR code on the Jay McIntyre Photography Facebook page

Jay McIntyre Photography Youth Unlimited North York

In order to post the picture on the Jay McIntyre Photography page you will have to “like” the page if you haven’t already. “Bonus points” if you also “like” the Youth Unlimited North York page. *

The Prizes:

First place (as selected by myself and Scott Moore, the North York Director of Youth Unlimited)

1 – photography session with Jay McIntyre Photography valued at $350 see package details here

1 – $100 square in the Youth Unlimited QR Code event on June 16th **

Peoples choice as voted fans of the Jay McIntyre Photography Facebook page:

1 – $25 square in the Youth Unlimited QR Code event on June 16th

You can click on this image for a full size version of the QR Code for reference or to print and use in the contest.

You can see the gallery of the current entries by clicking here

Contest Closes on April 30, 2012. * UPDATE!!! the contest has been extended for a week to close on May 7th.  We are looking forward to your entries, remember, be creative and have fun!

*Please note “bonus points” will not influence voting

** If you are not in the GTA, but are willing to cover the travel costs, you may claim your prize of the photography session, otherwise you will receive a print of your choice and a donation of $100 will be made to Youth Unlimited North York in your name.

I Heart Faces Photo Challenge – People’s Choice

31 May

This is my entry into the I Heart Faces People’s Choice for May.

Enter yours by visiting www.iheartfaces.com




Not Only Did I Throw A Contest, But I Won One Too!

29 Dec

I thoroughly enjoyed running a contest last month where I was able use Facebook and Twitter to give away a print.  I am also going to be giving away a print to one of my Facebook fans or “likers” once I reach 200 and likewise with my Twitter followers.

During all of this I also entered a contest.  Bludomain.com is a company that sells and host websites, they recently threw a contes to win their latest template and all of it’s add ons (html version, iPhone version, etc).  The contest was to send them a black and white image of yourself puckered up.  I did.  I won!  So now I have a brand new website for you to go have a look at, you can do that by clicking here

Apparently my wife is not the only one who finds my kisses irresistible

Free Print! A Christmas Contest

24 Nov

Alright it’s time for me to throw a contest to give away a free 8×12 print of your choice. you can choose from the images found on this blog. Obviously, images from clients personal shoots are off limits, (unless you are the client) but word of the day entries, blog posts from personal outings and images found on the personal portfolio page. essentially, just let me know which image you’d like, and I’ll let you know if you can have it.  I will contact the winner for mailing address and hopefully it will get to you by christmas.

So how do you enter??

1) follow me on twitter www.twitter.com/_jmphotography

2) Tweet the following tweet: Win a free 8×12 @_jmphotography print http://wp.me/py7AE-fF

If you are not on twitter you can enter by

1) becoming a fan on Facebook at facebook.com/jmphotographyonline and share link http://wp.me/py7AE-fF

2) let me know that you’ve shared the link on facebook by commenting below.

If you don’t have Facebook or Twitter, I’m not really sure how to help you, but I will let you enter by posting a comment below.

The winner will be drawn on Dec 15th. I will contact the winner for shipping info and hopefully get the print out to you by Christmas.

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