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My name is Jay and I:

Am a photographer.
Am interested in you and your story.
Want to help you tell your story.
Toronto is home in so many ways! I’v tried to leave a few times, but it just won’t let me go. I love the culture, the vibe, and personality that the city and people provide.

Every wedding is so full of personality from the bride and groom to their parents, guests, flower girls, ring bearers, etc. and each wedding has so many stories. The first wedding that I ever shot was a mixture of excitement, and fear for me, I was surprised when the bride and groom were exchanging vows at how emotional I got, I found myself thinking about the love that the couple was sharing and the joy of entering into a lifelong commitment to each other. I got quite choked up myself. I try to bottle that up and bring it with me to each ceremony that I am invited to be a part of.

When I am not photographing something, you can often find me on the floor with one or all three of my children jumping or climbing all over me. For some reason they think it’s fun.

I can always be bribed with Starbucks coffee and a pumpkin scone.

Meeting you and helping you tell your story causes you to become a part of my story and me a part of yours.

Let’s swap stories.

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