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Olympic Torch Relay In Toronto

17 Dec

How often does the Olympic torch come through town? Once in a lifetime, I’m told. It’s actually come through three times in my lifetime but only now have I been an the opportunity to capture the moment. Here are some pictures from the Olympic Torch Relay as it passed by Yonge and Sheppard.

Visual Word Of The Day – Stentorian

29 Oct

Stentorian – \sten-TOR-ee-uhn\ , adjective;


Extremely loud.

This is actually a part of an amazing art exhibit located on Leona Dr. in North York. The exhibit is called the Leona Project and it is a part of Toronto International Art Fair. The exhibit is a Biography of the area that has been known as Willowdale, Lansing and Newtonbrook, located in North York. For more information on the Leona Project, please visit the site

I will also post some other pictures from the exhibit, but if you get a chance, you should really see it for yourself before it closes on Saturday. It’s quite the piece of work.

While the Car never really crashed into the window of a small bungalow on Leona Dr. had it, the whole thing would have been a stentorian experience.

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