The Rise And Fall Of The Supermoon

21 Mar

So by now many of you have heard about and even seen a number of images of this past Saturday’s “Supermoon”

I decided that I was going to take a trek out to capture this rarity that would not exist again for another 20 years or so, however, it appears as though the best time to capture the grandeur of said supermoon is at moonrise.  Moonrise in my house is more commonly referred to as bedtime.

So after the kids were in bed, I packed up my gear and met up with a friend and we went down to the water to see what we could capture.  This is when we realized that photographing the moon with no foreground to contrast is, could get a little boring.  No fear though, the night was still perfect for shooting and the moon provided the opportunity to shoot some rather surreal long exposures.

I did get the one image of the moon, but I quickly found myself otherwise preoccupied.

One Response to “The Rise And Fall Of The Supermoon”

  1. jmphotographyonline March 23, 2011 at 12:52 pm #

    I should point out, the last shot was not a long exposure, I shot it handheld at ISO 6400

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